Hi, I'm Amber and I am a disabled creative!

“Hey, didn't you used to be a cosplayer?”

Yes, and to a certain extent I still am (I don't think it ever really leaves you). However, after being diagnosed with MS in 2015, I have worn less costumes to events and have been focusing my creative efforts in other areas.

I started cosplaying back in 2005 as a mostly non-competitive cosplayer. I believe that cosplay is for everyone and will always be happy to share knowledge and help someone out if I can. I like to chat construction and technique and love to learn from other creatives. I'm a big anime fan so a lot of my costumes are anime based but I've also got a lot of comic, game and film based costumes in my collection.

I enjoy anime, video games, Japanese culture and love getting involved and making things. I am also part of the committee that runs the longest running anime convention in Europe, MinamiCon.

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